The Rohingya Crisis Paragraph

The Rohingya Crisis


Rohingya are an ethnic minority in Myanmar. They have been living in Myanmar’s Rakhine State for centuries. Most of them are Muslim. Myanmar is mainly Buddhist, so the country’s government hates these ethnic people. The Rohingya crisis is not a new issue. Those people are facing a lot of difficulties from generation to generation. They are deprived of education, job, treatment, and many other basic needs. Even in 2014, Myanmar Government excluded them from their census. So, they are officially denied as citizens of that country. The Myanmar government claims they were illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, though they have their own culture and language. Since 1970 those people have been migrating to other countries because of difficulties living there. In August 2017, the Myanmar army started a genocide against that minority group. They killed thousands of innocent people, including children and women. Though the Myanmar government claims they are fighting against Rohingya militants, the world knows the true story. Myanmar army not only killed innocent people but also fired on their homes and destroyed their belongings. They forced those people to leave their homes and flee to Bangladesh. In a survey by UNICEF, about 890000 people fled during that military crackdown. Previously about 300000 people were living in Bangladesh illegally. Now it has become a burden for Bangladesh to feed and shelter them. Though different organizations, including the UN, UNICEF, and UNHCR, are helping Bangladesh to maintain the crisis, this problem is much bigger than our imagination. Now, those people are getting food and shelter. Different refugee camps are established to give them a better life. But, those people have no future. They are in a darkness that they can not imagine about their future. They cannot learn formal education or any other work that will help them in the coming days. So, Rohingya people are becoming a burden to the world. If we do not apply immediate steps for the solution to this problem, the world as a whole will face difficulties besides Bangladesh.

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