The Advantages and Disadvantages of Village and City Life Dialogue

Tonika: Hello, Jeny, how are you?

Jenny: Hi, Tonika, I am OK. What about you?

Tonika: I am hale and hearty as well. However, when did you come back from your Village?

Jeny: Yesterday, I returned from my Village.

Tonika: Do you like village life?

Jenny: Yes, of course. I always miss my Village, and I often go there to refresh my mind.

Tonika: But, I do not like village life very much because many urban facilities are unavailable there.

Jenny: Though there are few ultra-modern facilities in the Village, the village environment is still fresh, calm, and quiet.

Tonika: But there are garbages everywhere. Even you will find hardly any pure water there for drinking.

Jenny: No, you are not right. Some villages have improved their surroundings by making sanitary latrines, establishing tube wells, and setting up dustbins to store daily waste.

Tonika: Some reports say that the village people are still unconscious about their health and sanitization. They use dirty water for washing, bathing, and drinking.

Jenny: That’s not true. Bangladesh is now a developing country. Our villages are also being developed. In my opinion, City life is full of pollution like air, water, and corruption.

Tonika: But, in city life, many modern medical facilities like the abundance of electricity, sound communication system, quick and easy transport facilities, Better educational institutes, and modern technologies make life more enjoyable, attractive, and comfortable.

Jenny: That’s true, but traffic jams, overpopulation, terrorism, and violence make city life unbearable, annoying, and frustrating.

Tonika: Yes, I agree. But, city people can also enjoy easy and simple internet connection and other ICT tools for keeping pace with the rising world.

Jenny: Do you know. Nowadays broadband internet connection is also available in villages.

Tonika: Really?

Jenny: Yes. Besides, urban areas have no realistic view or fresh air, so the people frequently suffer from nature deficit disorder, restlessness Etc.

Tonika: Yes, you are right. The city people hardly have any contact with nature, which harms their physical and mental health.

Jenny: The village people have love, affection, sympathy, simplicity, and sincerity, strengthening their social bondage, whereas city dwellers are unfriendly, insincere, uncooperative, and self-centered due to their mechanical lifestyle.

Tonika: Can you deny that illiteracy, superstition, ill values, religious dogmas, and unawareness are still the biggest challenges of village life?

Jenny: Yeah. There are some problems like that, but things are being changed. Nowadays, some villages have improved facilities. People are establishing Schools and colleges for male and female education. The government is also providing electricity to each corner of the villages. Besides, The sanitary system has been developed, and the hospital has been set up for better treatment.

Tonika: Actually, both the city and village life have merits and demerits

Jenny: Yeah, None of them is good or bad. Both Village and city life have advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

Tonika: Yes, I agree with you. By the way, I have to leave this friendly conversation now.

Jenny: Okay. Thank you very much for your participation.

Tonika: You are most welcome.

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