The Uses and Abuses of the Internet – Paragraph for HSC/ SSC/ JSC Students

The Uses and Abuses of the Internet 

We are now living in the era of modern technology. Modern technology is impossible without the Internet. Nowadays, we consider the Internet as the fuel of our contemporary society. Day to day, our every task is becoming dependent on the Internet. From electric bills to school admission, everything is now faster and more secure with the blessing of the Internet. Education has become more accessible and easier through the Internet. Students can learn their lessons and can attain in the examination. Moreover, Virtual classes will be more effective in the coming decades. One can have a specialist doctor’s prescription a million miles away from him. Scientists are thinking of Telesurgery, where doctors will surgery a patient from a remote area through 5G technology. Farmers are also getting the benefits of the Internet. They can know the problems in their fields and can have an online solution. Besides, people can apply for their online visas and passport. Different government and private institutions offer their clients for getting services through the Internet. But, it is not that the Internet has only the uses; people also use it for other abuses. When you are using the Internet, you have to be more aware. Sometimes hackers can get your documents, and you may fall into trouble. Overusing the Internet is also harmful to students and children. Besides, some students get addicted to using the Internet. They can not concentrate on their studies. Too much use of the Internet affects children’s bodies and minds. So, we have to be more careful about using the Internet.

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