A Tea Stall Paragraph for JSC SSC HSC Students

A tea stall



A tea stall is commonplace in our country. Generally, it stands beside a road, market, university, or institution. It opens in the morning and remains till midnight. People of different ages go there. Especially, young and middle-aged people gather there much. Tea helps people refresh their bodies and minds and gives energy to their work. So working-class people go there mostly. The main item of a tea stall is tea. Besides bread, bananas, biscuits, chips, candy, and many more items are available. There remain one or two benches for customers. People sit there and take their snacks. It becomes too busy during the evening. Generally, the owner of a tea stall operates it alone. Sometimes, he appoints one or two boys to help him. It is a public meeting place for the people. The main customers are passersby, officials, day-labourer, students, and political persons. They talk about different topics there like politics, cricket, local issues, or personal matters. So the area becomes very noisy. There may be a TV set in some tea stalls to attract customers. It becomes busy and overcrowded during sports events like cricket and football. People pass hours by watching sports there. They also buy various snacks during that time. Generally, a tea stall remains untidy. It should be more neat and clean.


Question-related to A Tea Stall Paragraph
  • What is a tea stall?
  • Where is it found?
  • Who goes there?
  • What is available there?
  • Who operates it?
  • What do people do besides taking tea?

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